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Expect a Return to Normality in 2016 - By Denis Healy, Limerick APIP Member (PIP)

Date added: 14 Dec 2015

As we end 2015, the economy is on its way to full recovery and the country is showing very strong GDP.  We should be looking forward to a return to normality after a dark number of years for a lot of people.

We now have probably one of the most progressive sets of legislation around in terms of dealing with insolvency for those who find themselves in that unfortunate position.

The recent changes to the legislation, in terms of the new appeals mechanism for personal insolvency arrangements (PIAs) and the reduced term in bankruptcy, are already the catalysts in a change of attitudes within the banks. We, at Denis Healy Financial, are already finding that we are experiencing a less entrenched attitude with some of the banks in their dealings and engagement with us to find solutions for clients. The new legislation will free up the remaining logjams to economic growth and sweep away the remaining wreckage of the past and get people back to solvency removing uncertainty in the economy and creating growth and jobs.

Contact Denis Healy, Limerick APIP Member (PIP), Managing Director at Denis Healy Financial Ltd.

Denis Healy is a personal insolvency practitioner (PIP) based in Limerick.  His company, Denis Healy Financial Ltd., is licenced as a debt management provider by the Central Bank of Ireland.

For further information visit Denis Healy’s APIP profile here.

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